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From the Counselors

~ From: Hannah “Cheeky” Stenton, Counselor 2009 and 2010
I've thought long and hard about what my favorite part of camp was but I couldn't pin-point any one particular moment. First, I loved meeting all the other camp staff; individually they were all amazing people, each with their own strengths. The staff complimented each other well and everyone was there 100% for the campers paving the way to an incredible summer. One particular favorite camp memory of mine, was during week 4 when I accompanied counselor "Buttercup" and his cabin as the lifeguard on a 3 day kayak trip. It was great to see the boys working together while out on the river, the camp stories that were told by moonlight, sitting by the lake watching the incredible thunderstorm on the first evening of the trip, and knowing how much we truly enjoyed each other and the trip. We were all sad to see it end. 

This summer I discovered firsthand what makes Lake Wenatchee YMCA Camp so special. Camp is a place where the everyday stresses of life are left behind you at the gates. You feel the "Camp Magic" from the moment you set foot on camp. You feel welcomed, at home, and part of something greater. I've been back home now for a little over 6 weeks and I can truly say that I miss you all and not a day goes by that I don't think about camp; my campers, the friends I made, the fun we had. Camp has truly made a lasting impact on my life and I cannot wait to come back next summer.


~ From: Jason “ Husky” Eng, Camp Counselor 2008, Assistant Camp Director 2009-2011
Camp overall is the perfect place to allow kids to be themselves and to also experience and discover who they are.  Camp fire provides the perfect opportunity for campers to break down walls and conquer fears about being silly in front of others.  Campers Choice takes campers back to the days of outdoor entertainment prior the invention of TV, computer and video games.  Chapel gives campers a glimpse that there is more to life than ourselves.  The Rag Program, Leathers and even Polar Bear gives campers a sense of success and pride.  Camp overall provides campers with an opportunity to learn skills and set goals from the kid who wants to get better at archery to the kids who grow up each summer at camp and fulfill their childhood goal of becoming counselors themselves. 

Camp is magical in its own unique way that only those involved deeply can understand.  Camp magic exists from the youngest  mini camper to the oldest LDP and even extends out to the most senior of staff.  It is very difficult to understand when someone is describing Disneyland to you and you have never been there.  This is the same with camp.  Sometimes it is hard to explain camp to those who have never been there; who have never seen camp; never experienced camp; never immersed themselves into camp.  I’ll tell you this…come to this camp and experience the magic for yourself and you’ll come away with a lifetime of memories.