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Parent Testimonials


The Biondi/Bobysud Family shares their camp experiences!



 Here is what the Smytheman Family has to say about Camp!




~ Mac Bledsoe, father of NFL Quarterback Drew Bledsoe, spoke about his memories and experience at YMCA Camp.  

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~1st Time Camper Mom - Summer 2011
My son, age 13 attended a week of YMCA this last summer.  It was my idea and he was not very interested or excited to go.  His hesitation was because he has never been to camp and was not attending with a friend.  This was really stretching his comfort zone.

All week while he was at camp I prayed for him to be having the time of his life, and desire to attend further camp; that he would enjoy this experience.  When we picked him up Friday afternoon I knew I was either going to be blessed or cursed for having him attend camp.  When I saw him, I gave him a hug and asked him how his week was.  His response was music to my ears and heart, he said, “It was the best week of my life, can I come back next week for LDP”.  We have put LDP on our summer schedule for next summer and can’t wait for him to experience two weeks at YMCA camp being developed as a leader.

What he liked best about camp was that everyone was very welcoming and made it easy to make new friends.  He also enjoyed the skits and campfire time.

When I first came in and heard everyone’s Nick Names, like Buttercup, Bodyguard, Cinerelli, … made it seem fun to be there and kind of goofy, which I liked.   The camp counselors, Bubbles and Mater were good friends during that week.  He looks forward to seeing them again. 

As a Parent what I liked about your camp was that I like you incorporate Chapel into the schedule each day , the values taught and that my son LOVED his camp experience.  The Golden Spork adds some great fun at dinner time.


~ From – Summer Galey Former Camper, Current Camp Nurse and big sister of Colt and Wyatt
Colt and Wyatt were born in Thailand and were living in an orphanage. Colt and Wyatt were also born deaf. When they came to live with our family one of the things we wanted for them was to have some good ol' fashioned kid fun , since there was a large deficit of that in their lives in Thailand.

We knew camp was a place where they could do just that. When they returned home after their week of camp both of the boys were so excited to tell mom all about their camp experience: the array of activities they did, new friends they had made, funny campfire stories, and their favorite counselors. My mom likes that camp provides positive role models for Colt and Wyatt to look up to; that it's not necessary to have to engage in delinquent activities to be one of the "cool" older kids. They get to see that the "cool" older kids are the ones who are involved in their communities, and having fun getting healthy exercise in the outdoors!

Just from observing them at camp this last year, I think that participating in camp activities "as just another kid" was really good for them. So often at school, they are excluded; for instance, they are pulled out of music class (obviously), or English class, (because deaf children don't learn to read by phonetics, they learn by memorization). They get very used to "not being the same" as their classmates. Camp is good for them because they are never excluded; in fact, their deafness is embraced at camp (we even had a Camper's Choice for the kids to learn some sign language!). Assimilation and feeling like you belong is very important for a child's self esteem, and I believe camp really helped them in that way.

I know first-hand that the assimilation feeling from camp is good for a child's self esteem. That is how I always felt as a camper. Your cabin-mates were your instant best friends. Staff was eager to help you and teach you a new game or craft skill. You could always count on the camp nurse to fix your scraped knees and your home-sickness. Being a camper for three years did a lot for my self-confidence as a child. The same goes for the Leadership Development Program and Counselor-In-Training weeks I spent up at Lake Wenatchee. I feel that YMCA camp has given me so much over the years, that as soon as I learned my new skills as a nurse could be used to volunteer at camp, I jumped at the opportunity to give back! I hope to continue to do so for years to come.


~ From: Jane Huntley:  Former Y-Camper
The spiritual side of my faith began at Y Camp.  I had learned about having a faith at the Wenatchee Presbyterian Church, but singing "This is My Father's World" during a chapel service sitting on the wooden planks on a warm summer morning with the lake reflecting the mountains in front of us...I swear I felt the spirit of God surround me and flow through me for the very first time.  The words: "This is my Father's world and to my listening ears, all nature sings and around my rings the music of the the rustling grass, I can hear him pass, He speaks to me everywhere"  felt so real there.  What a great way to introduce a child to the spirit of God.


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