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The safety of children is a primary concern for the YMCA. The YMCA Board of Directors has adopted the following policies to help provide an environment that will enhance the personal growth and development of children in YMCA programs. 

  1. In order to protect YMCA Staff, volunteers, and program participants one YMCA employee or volunteer will never be alone with a single child unobserved by another adult.
  2. Employees and volunteers may not be alone with children they meet in YMCA programs outside of their official YMCA interaction. Any exceptions require a written explanation in advance and are subject to administrative approval.
  3. Reference and criminal background checks are conducted on all employees and on all volunteers who work with children at the time of employment and annually thereafter. Employees and volunteers who work with children receive pre-employment training and annual follow up training on the recognition and prevention of child abuse.
  4. Children under the age of six are allowed in YMCA facilities only when in a supervised YMCA program or under the direct on constant supervision of a parent or guardian.
  5. YMCA employees and volunteers providing direct care for children will be identified by photo identification or uniform that is familiar to he children with whom they work. Photographs of all YMCA employees will be kept on file.
  6. YMCA employees and volunteers will not discipline children by use of physical punishment or by failing to provide the necessities of care, such as food and shelter. YMCA employees and volunteers will not verbally or emotional abuse children. Physical restraint will only be administered when necessary to protect the child or other children from harm.
  7. YMCA administrative staff will make unannounced visits to program sites. Parents of program participants may make unannounced visits to program sites, accompanied by a YMCA employee.
  8. YMCA employees and volunteers will be alert to the physical and emotional state of all children in their programs and will report any signs of injury or suspected child abuse.
  9. All employees and volunteers working with children sign a Code of Conduct agreeing to abide YMCA Child Abuse Preventions Guidelines. Any suspicion of a violation of these polices should be immediately reported to the YMCA Executive Director or the YMCA Director of Human Resources at (509) 662-2109.
  10. The YMCA will investigate all reports of suspected child abuse and will follow legally mandated reporting requirements.