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Don and Thea Fager Outdoor Environmental Education Center

Enhancing the Classroom Experience

Through Outdoor Education


Whether for a  single day or a multi-day field experience, Lake Wenatchee YMCA Camp is the perfect setting for your school's experiential outdoor education program. 

Our outdoor setting is suitable for students of all ages to engage in valuable life-long learning through instruction on building and maintaining a positive community and teaching individuals to be stewards of the natural world.

Lake Wenatchee YMCA Camp’s Outdoor and Environmental Education Program is a place where children are given an opportunity to learn in a natural environment. Our program is set up with many goals in mind, and the unique surroundings of camp help us to achieve these goals.  The OEE Program provides an opportunity for students to learn more about themselves and their places in the world. Students will learn about relating to each other and being a member of a community.  They will discover new things about themselves and the natural world and how each impacts the other. In short, students will learn about the relationship between people and the Earth.  Through growing awareness and appreciation, we help students to become more responsible citizens of our planet Earth.

Each group visiting Lake Wenatchee YMCA Camp has its own unique goals and objectives.  By working together, we can plan a program that satisfies the needs of your school, achieves the goals of Lake Wenatchee YMCA Camp’s environmental education, and provides a program that complements school curriculum. Below are our goals:

  • To foster an awareness of and an appreciation for the natural world.
  • To increase knowledge of ecological concepts.
  • To help students understand and experience the relationship between themselves and the natural world.
  • To strengthen social relationships, encouraging cooperation and communication.
  • To promote personal growth, self-confidence, and a sense of belonging in young people.
  • To increase understanding of the effects of choices students make.
  • To increase students' enjoyment of and comfort in the natural world.
  • To foster the YMCA values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility.

Life at Lake Wenatcheee YMCA Camp


The student residential experience is one where we see tremendous social growth. Staying at LWY-camp allows children to live close to nature and practice personal independence with guidance from their school leaders and experienced outdoor educators.



Meals are an integral part of the LWY-Camp experience.  Our chef’s prepare food that is delicious, wholesome and plentiful.  Each meal includes rituals that promote gratitude, awareness or natural resources, and community.


LWY-Camp cabins are rustic and comfortable. Each cabin has a large room for 7 students and  1 chaperone. A modern bathhouse facility is a few steps away. Click here to view our cabins.



Discover how Lake Wenatchee YMCA Camp  can be the highlight

of your student’s school year, and take learning to the next level.

Contact our Camp Director, Tim McElravy at or 

509-763-9622 for a customized program proposal.